Problem with autocomplete instantsearch dropdown with magento 2 smartwave/porto

I read a lot of the websites telling me what to check and how to check it. All blocks and dependencies are loaded apparently. But im not getting the autocomplete/dropdown working.

I’m using latest magento 2.3.5p2 and latest Algolia plugin.
Is setup correctly. index everything is fine. With Luma it works flawless. Im using smartwave/porto

Website is

Thanks for the help.

Hi @brunorigo,

Thanks for your question and for your live example. After taking a look, I saw that you have a javascript error that algoliaBundle is missing. I reviewed the loaded sources and saw that some of our javascript files required for autocomplete and instantsearch features were not loaded.

We load 4 files in the head in our layout XML:

Can you confirm if the theme you are using is adding these files? Thanks!