Problem with instant search results display in Shopify -- Unwanted numbers displaying

I’m in a free trial and trying to get instant search working in a Shopify environment. I’m getting numbers displayed around the results list and can’t figure how to eliminate them.

Here is a pic of the problem:

How can eliminate the “1.”,“2.”, etc. showing up around the results?


I have figured out that this is related to the list of search results being displayed as an “ordered list” but I can’t locate the div or ol to change the style to not display numbers. It’s in the “aid-hits-list” class.

Hi @grouphiit,

It’s kinda difficult to understand from the screenshot. A live example would be helpful to better understand the issue. The fix I can think off at the moment is to use the CSS rule list-style to disable the counter.

.ais-hits-list {
  list-style: none;

You can find more info about the Shopify X InstantSearch customisation in the documentation.

Hope that helps!