Problem with metafields indexing

Notice: I use Algolia application for Shopify.

Hi guys, i need to show some metafileds data from product variants inside search results of autocomplete. I have added metafields to index inside admin panel via Indexing -> Manage metafields.

Here is how it look like now

Here is variant metafileds from Algolia dashboard

And here is metafields for the same product variant based on Shopify database

As you can see metafields in Algolia index and Shopify database are not the same. Seems like Algolia takes metafields from product. Could you please suggest what i should do to fix this problem?

We do take both the metafields from the product and from the variant. Variant metafields have priority over product metafields, so if you have both, I’ll only look at the variant ones.

Could you update your product description to trigger the product update webhook and check again after a few minutes?
There’s been a lot of debate around whether or not Shopify would trigger update webhooks on metafields update, and this might be the issue here.

Experiencing the same issue here. I’ve updated the product - waited a few minutes and metafeilds not showing showing

Hi @frank1. Did you change the metafields values of a product, or did you add a metafield to your metafields inside the integration?

Indeed, when you add a metafield to the metafields list in our integration, a full reindex is automatically triggered. This can take a few hours to complete, which would explain why you wouldn’t see it repercuted instantly.
Is that assumption correct, or are you still experiencing the issue?