Problem with timber theme

I’ve installed the algolia plugin on my shopify store. I’ve a problem with the Instant search page in the timber theme. Results doesn’t load.
I’ve seen the problem is the timber.js script; if I remove it results load. Any idea on how to solve it?

here is my temp store:
pswd: wheidu

Sorry about that, and thanks for investigating!
I’ve just deployed version 1.14.1 which should fix your issue (see ChangeLog).
To use it, you just need to reinstall Algolia in your theme. :slight_smile:


It seems like Timber is redefining the Shopify.formatMoney method, and doesn’t handle all the cases as the normal Shopify.formatMoney does. We define our own algolia.formatMoney method in assets/algolia_init.js.liquid, I’ve just made it more robust to handle this.

awesome! It’s working now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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