Problems with similar words (synonyms?)

Hello there,

We are seeing that results for ‘Cuba’ return results for ‘ice cubes’ (cube).
Also a search for ‘crow’ will return results for ‘crowds’.

Its obvious that its finding results that contain keywords that are one letter apart.

  1. How do we correct this?

Is there a setting? (I 'm not technical personally)

  1. Is there a way to find synonyms and typos?

But this would mean that it would exclude words that are similar and are real words.

For example, croww should return results for ‘crow’ but not for ‘crowd’ which is a real term and it exists as a search term in our system.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey Tasos,

You’re seeing these results because of the typoTolerance of Algolia. You can disable that by settings different values to that setting, as seen in the documentation link I gave.

Does that help you?

Definitely helps.

But our coders are overworked and I wanted to avoid having them read too much on this.

What setting do you suggest in order to avoid the specific problem I describe?

And also, how do we solve the above issue of typos, while never returning ‘real word’ results that are irrelevant.

If you dive a little deeper into the specific solutions on questions 1 and 2, I would really appreciate it (and our customers doing more than a million monthly queries!)

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Hey @tasosfrantzolas,

I’ve been talking to one of our solution engineers to find the best things to suggest for your index, and we suggest that you can use typoTolerance: min here. It means that the results that match directly will be retrieved before any typo tolerance is applied.

Regarding your second question, it’s probably best to leave it as it is, you can’t detect if the user was going to type crowwd after and just decided to make a typo there. Prefixes will make sure that the results are relevant here, even when the user isn’t done typing.

If really needed, both typoTolerance: false and prefixNone are valid index settings to completely disable both of these behaviours. Be careful of implementing those though, it’s usually not what you want (read more in the docs)

Have a nice day!