Processing csv files with the Magento2 extension


my question is related to the Magento 2 extension, and the use case is the following:

I’m customer A and I log in to my account at the XY shop. When I start a search I would like to see the goods appearing in the result lists with the customer part numbers I use.

Customer part number is the individual number a customer of XY shop uses for the article. At the XY shop one SKU has different customer part number by each customer. E.g.:the SKU is 12345 , but the customer part number for Customer A is ABC-987 and meanwhile the same SKU for Customer B it is 55555-XYZ.

These numbers are coming to Magento as csv files. The question is, how we can make Algolia to process these csv?

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I guess you don’t want that if Customer B searches for ABC-987 to show the product 12345?
Iguess you will have to store them in an attribute and then modify frontend (custom js hooks) to search/facet for them.
In order to overcome Customer B searching customer A numbers, I would:
a.) Have one attribute per customer (that can be many, I known). Doesn’t have to be a magento attribute, you can patch what goes into algolia in an observer
b.) prefix the attribute value with the Customer ID when storing the values, and then do the same when searching.

Hi Alex,

thank you for your quick reply

This is a large B2B webshop where clients search for the same SKUs but they are assigned completly different IDs, these are the ‘customer part number’ to them. So the same SKU12345 is ABC-987 for customer A and 55555-XYZ for customer B. All the customer are aware their customer part numbers, so won’t search each others. The question is if all these SKU ID relations packed in a csv or json can be given to Algolia and how to adjust the search and result pages accordingly keeping in mind we are using the Magento2 extension.

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know your usecase very well.
You can customize the Algolia Magento 2 Module to do all that. Will require code, but should be no problem. We do similar things.


Thanks Alex for your feedback!

Bests, Vera