Product not showing up

I emailed you earlier this week about one of my items not appearing in the search results. My site is and the item I am trying to search for is 28-141S. I tried reindexing but it is still not appearing in the search results. The product is enabled in Magento.


is the product visible in search and on stock as well?
Did you try to troubleshoot it with this guide?

What do you mean by “is the product visible in search” ? There is nothing different from this product in terms of enabled or stock or anything from my other products that appear in the search results. Please advise if you can connect to take a look and troubleshoot.

I mean if the product’s visibility is set to “both” or “search”.

YES it is set to Catalog and Search. Now hundreds of products are not showing up. I am getting the message in the backend saying “Indexing Queue information: Number of queued jobs: 28, all queued jobs will be processed in appr. 15 minutes. more information about how the indexing queue works you can find in the documentation” It has been well over 15 minutes, probably more like 4 hours. Please advise ASAP

My developer posted about the issue yesterday but have not heard back. Please advise ASAP

"We have a Magento site with Algolia that recently stopped indexing.

We noticed this because some products weren’t being found in search. I’ve manually run the indexers, both with the queue enabled and disabled, but nothing was being added to the indexes.

I then upgraded the module to 1.13.0 (was previously on 1.10.0), and no change there.

I then finally decided to try removing the indexes and starting over, but still nothing is working.

With the queue enabled, I’m getting jobs added to the algoliasearch_queue table in the database, but when the algolia_queue_runner index is run, it just completes immediately. Nothing is pushed up to Algolia, no errors are generated, nothing is in the log files, and nothing is changed with the database tables. I just does nothing.

I’m completely at a loss as to what the issue is. Any help is appreciated to get this working again."

Hi Angelos
This is exactly what happened to us. We upgraded to magento and algolia free plan 10k records/100k operations. Our records are 9.2k
in api error tab (on algolia dashboard) we are getting error says that exceed quota

Do you get any errors ? have you resolved your issue?