Products and Images not showing

Hi - I just installed Algolia on my SHOPIFY site and the search results page is blank - it shows the number of results and the filters but no products or images. PLease advise. the account is


Hi Charlie,

Sorry about that!

Could you send an email to with

  • a preview link of the theme you’re installing Algolia into
  • the password to access your site (which is currently in private mode)
  • a link to this thread

I’ll update this post afterwards, but without actual access to the page, I will probably not be able to debug your issue.


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Hi Jerska,

I work with Charlie and just sent the email to about our issue. I also removed the password from our website

Thank you,


To update this subject, the issue came from the wrong settings being part of the index.
Resetting them to their default value fixed the issue.