Products Are Not Indexing

When I’m Indexing Products , All products are not getting indexed.
I already checked that all products are visible, enabled, in stock and appear in catalog,Search.
I indexed all the indexes many times but still facing the issue.
Please resolve it asap.
Thank You

Hello Sandeep,

it can be a couple of reasons:

  • you don’t have the indexing queue enabled and re-index stopped at some point because you have too many products and it was not possible to handle it at one time. To fix that you’d need to enable indexing queue and set up a cron job to process the queue
  • you have indexing queue enabled, but not all jobs were processed yet - so it means not all products are indexed. Can you check the algoliasearch_queue table and see if there are any rows? If so, can you check you have correctly set up the cron job to process the queue?

You can find more information about indexing in the documentation: Magento 1 indexing, Magento 2 indexing