Products data indexed but search not working on the WP Website


We are using Algolia v2.11.3 with Alogilia for Woocommerce v0.10.1. All of our products have been indexed and searchable on Algolia dashboard -> indices (wp_posts_product index). But for some reason, the search is not working on the website. It shows a small search box with a filter icon below without any button. Nothing happens when we type something and hit enter. When we click on Filter a blank white screen appears from right-hand side.

Browser logs are showing this:
{“message”:“Index wp_posts_product_total_sales_desc does not exist”,“status”:404}

Some more info, for some reason the index the plugin is searching against is wp_posts_product_total_sales_desc instead of wp_posts_product. We created that new index but it doesn’t have any data. So any idea where we can configure which index the search box should use?

Hi @account,

It appears that your woocommerce sight is attempting to use replicas (e.g., products, products_price_desc, products_price_asc) but it is not getting created correctly. My suggestion would be to uninstall and attempt to reinstall the plugin, following the website instructions again.

We do not provide support specific for the WooCommerce plugin and can only encourage you to attempt reinstallation and just as you are doing, seek advice on the public forums.


Just did that but no luck. The search is still going to the wrong index.

Plugin is indexing the products in wp_posts_product whereas search box is sending requests to wp_posts_product_total_sales_desc

Wouldn’t we get proper support even after buying the plugin? We are using a pretty popular theme flatsome. If Woocommerce plugin is not working and there is no support then what’s the point of using it?