Products in catalog but not search

Hi All - we have products to we want to push in emails etc but not have them in the searches - is that possible? I know woocommerce has a product option to tag it for: Search & Catalog or Catalog.

Will that work with Algolia?

Hi @charlie,

By default, the Algolia plugin for WooCommerce uses the same visibility rules than WooCommerce.

If you notice any difference please let us know.

Also, if you somehow happen to change the “Visibility” at the store level, please ne sure to operate a full re-index to take the change into account.

Also, currently we still have some troubles correctly detecting some changes on products. When you do edit an attribute or flag a product as “featured”, please also hit the “update” button on the product details screen to operate the sync.

Understood - trying now

I changed the product visibilty of the products to: CATALOG only and they still show in the search

I had to change the products status to HIDDEN and that removed them from the search. Not the best way but it worked

Thanks for that feedback @charlie

Given that we replace the category / tags pages entirely, we chose to base the actual visibility in Algolia search on the Catalog visibility.

Could you explain why this is not ideal?

Sure - so I will use what we just did as an example - we are running a promotion for in our eblasts for SALE RUGS - so I created a separate category for sale rugs and populated the category.
I did not want this category in the search but I wanted the eblast customers to view the products. Unless I made these items hidden they would show up in my search results.