Products missing from search

FAO: Jan Petr

We have an issue on our Incontinence Choice site, some very popular products have disappeared from the search results (actually one of our top searches!)

When I go to out site the term ‘tena pants’ does not return relevant products:

I would expect to see the same results I see on our other site:

More specifically the following SKUs are not returning the correct results on IncontinenceChoice, but are on Vivantage: 794660 & 793562

I had noticed previously that if I went into the config in Magento 2 and clicked save (without making any edits) the products did appear back in the search results - but this fix was always temporary and no longer has the same effect.

Can you see what the issue might be, and why the products shown in the results keep disappearing?


An update here, the search is no longer returning the appropriate results on either site.

So the specific SKU: 794660 is not returning the appropriate results on either site.

Hello Louis,

thank you for the question.

It looks like those products are not indexed. Can you reindex Algolia Products indexer? It’ll come back up.

Let me know if it helps.

I am having a similar issue. Some of my products (in stock, enabled and showing on the website) just aren’t appearing in search. One of these for example is an Oak Pizza Board, but when I search on ‘Oak’ it doesn’t show! I have installed the latest version of Algolia, manually reindexed the data, I can see in Algolia Configuration that the queue is enabled… I trying to make head or tail of the documentation, but I’m not particularly technical! Can anyone point me in the right direction please?! Tearing my hair out!