Project Presentation: BookStack


I’ve just set up docsearch for The BookStack project itself it an open documentation platform but the docs are built with the Hugo static site generator so I required a good external JS-based search solution which is what docsearch does perfectly. I’m really happy with the search experience, especially since it was so easy to add to the site.

The only problem now is that it’s made me want to provide a search experience as good as docsearch in the application itself :laughing:

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Awesome @ssddanbrown, thanks for sharing and glad to have you in our DocSearch Community. We’re big fans of static site generators :slight_smile:

When I hear about a new wiki, I usually don’t expect much from the design side. But BookStack looks nice and clean and easy to use. Are there live instances running that are publicly visible? I’d love to see what it looks like with some data inside.

Hi @dzello, Thanks for the kind welcome. After using Hugo I’m also becoming a static site generator fan!

I don’t know of any public production BookStack instances in the wild but I do have a demo instance set up at Details of how to log in as an admin can be found on the project homepage:

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