Promote certain pages depending upon certain search terms


Is it possible to promote certain pages with relevance to certain search terms (as you can with the ‘Promotions’ feature in Google custom search)? For example, if the user inputs “christmas opening hours” then return page https:///seasonal-opening-hours to be at top of search results?


Hi @amanda.gaynor

What you’re asking sounds a lot like faceting !

This could allow you to specify which page are more “hour” related for example.

Tutorial here for instantsearchjs. I don’t work @Algolia so I’m not sure but I believe it’ll ask you to reindex if you didn’t include the attributes you want to work with.

Thanks @pierre.aurele.martin - the google docs describe a promotion as : “It associates a created result with a pre-defined set of query terms.” so in google dashboard we can specify specific search terms to be linked to a particular URL. I’ll take a look at faceting, as you suggested, and maybe we can do something similar with that.

Hey @amanda.gaynor I am also trying to implement the same promotions with Algolia. Have you found anything regarding this? It’ll be really grateful if you can share any information.


Hi @hardik.thakkar No, we’re still evaluating Algolia and there doesn’t appear to be a way to link certain search terms to specific URLs as you can do with Google custom search.

We can add extra attributes for custom rankings to push certain items towards the top of the search results (see Prioritizing certain Categories for search), but this is not exactly the same thing and doesn’t give us the same results.

@amanda.gaynor Yes, exactly. There isn’t anything similar to Promotions in Algolia. Need to look for something else now.

@hardik.thakkar Algolia have just released query rules and these look like they will do the job - just experimenting and looks like we can promote certain pages (or consequences in Algolia terminology) according to certain search terms. This is great.

@amanda.gaynor Yes thanks for the info. I just saw that feature in dashboard. It is same as Google Promotions. Glad that algolia launched it on correct time.