Purpose of "recently_ordered_count_desc" index?

Hello, I’m using the “Algolia Search - Instant Search” app for Shopify and it creates 2 indexes:

  • shopify_products (29.922 records)
  • shopify_products_recently_ordered_count_desc (29.922 records)

What is the purpose of shopify_products_recently_ordered_count_desc ? Because it double my records and then my algolia plan price :frowning_face:

Can you help ?



Can you help please ?

Sorry for missing this one, I’m mostly following conversations with the shopify tag in them.
I’ve just added it to this thread.

To answer your question, this is a secondary index created to fill the Sort by options on the instantsearch page:

To desactivate it, just disable it in the Search Options > Sort Orders part of the application.

To learn more about sort orders, I invite you to read their documentation here: https://community.algolia.com/shopify/configuration.html#sort-orders .