Pushing Products In Search

Hi All - Ray asked me to post this - we need an easy/efficient way to push top products quickly. We installed a plug in called Post View Counter which counts views and also lets us edit the view count. I understand that conversions are best but we are starting with a fresh product database and need a good way to push the products we know are popular. Can you please help us get this active in our account?


Hi @charlie,

Thanks for asking,

Actually we have a fully detailed guide here that addresses that exact scenario.

Let us know how the integration goes!

Installed - how do we get the ranking set up in our dashboard so it shows correctly in the front end results?

Actually I think i just figured it out - the view count needs to be 1st in the ranking

The ranking configuration really depends on what you are willing to achieve in terms of relevancy.

If you want to dig a bit further into how you can leverage the different ranking options, please take a look at our relevancy & ranking guide.

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