Queries per second

We have disproportional amount of queries per second on the site when compared to visitor amount. Is there some way in Algolia to block the bot searches or is that something that has to be handled on our server?

We have also set up monitoring of site searches in Google Analytics and those numbers are totally different than the query amounts in Algolia.

Are the search operations searches via front end? Is there some way to find out what those searches are?

Hi @Kuono, you have to handle bot on your servers yourself. But you could still create an API key where some IP addresses are not allowed (via your Algolia dashboard). If you happen to know specifically which IPs are making all those requests.

Also please note that in most integrations of Algolia, one search operation = one character typed (so 4 search operations for the query coke).

As for frontend or not, It depends on your Algolia installation. You can check your API client usage in your dashboard, here:


(Algolia dashboard, bottom right)

From there you will be able to see if some requests are being made outside of your website.