Query Suggestions missing records from External Analytics?


We’ve been using the automated Query Suggestions index on our app and website for a while now, which was initially populated from an External Analytics index from our legacy search engine. It’s the target of our typeahead searches when users are building their search expressions.

Our marketing team has asked us to push a new set of records into Query Suggestions to help guide users to more useful content. So, we added new records to our still-linked External Analytics index expecting them to be pulled through when Query Suggestions next refreshed.

An example of what we pushed into the External Analytics index (note that we did this through the API instead of in the Algolia console):

  "objectID": "mushroom bison sliders",
  "query": "mushroom bison sliders",
  "count": 100

After a few days, I’m still not seeing the records we pushed into External Analytics in our Query Suggestions index, though I can definitely query the External Analytics index directly and get them.

We’ve also confirmed in the Algolia console that the External Analytics data source for Query Suggestions is “Live”.

Is the Query Suggestion refresh process supposed to continue to pull from External Analytics? Is there a minimum count value we need to use to get them in there and keep them?

I fail to find them in Query Suggestions either by way of a general query, or by going straight to the objectID with a GET (response is a 404).

Thanks for any tips folks are able to provide!

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Closing the loop here…

Discovered (with the help of Algolia support :slight_smile: ) that the minimum hits configuration for the query suggestion index affects which records are pulled in from External Analytics.

This means that if we just loaded records once into External Analytics, they wouldn’t be pulled into Query Suggestions. Lowering this value from the default of 5 to 1 solved this issue for us.