Query Suggestions tutorial

Good morning,
I’ve created a suggested query index, based on my products index, my question is, what’s the purpose of creating an index where you have to create records, if the records already exists on the base index?

Is possible that you can provide a clearer documentation and tutorials on how to use this feature?

There isn’t any useful step by step tutorial to setup your query suggestions.

appreciate your answer, thank you.

Hi @medisca

The query suggestion index is not a copy of the records, but an index of the most popular search terms people are using on your site (for instance, are your users more likely to mean “programming” or “product” when they type “pro”?).

We consider query suggestions part of an “autocomplete” experience, where you provide suggestions to users as they type (another example would be showing them recent searches).

To use the index you’ll need to add an autocomplete searchbox to your site, either as a standalone search bar or by connecting an autocomplete searchbox to your existing InstantSearch.

We have a few guides for integrating your query suggestion index into your front end. The most powerful example uses InstantSearch and Autocomplete together. This is a comprehensive guide to doing that:

If you want to see this in action, there’s a great example in our E-commerce UI template

If you want to read more about the general strategy of query suggestions, this blog post is old, but still relevant: