Question and Answer Search Database

I wish to create a search database for all the possible questions that my employees have. Everything from troubleshooting different applications, to a glossary of what specific terms mean, to processes and procedures.

I’ve watched the tutorials and I’ve really tried, but I’m just confused on what I’m doing.

Is there a good place to start or a template to find? I followed the “bestbuy_light” tutorial to a T and all I get is a search box at the top and a long line under it.

No search button. Nothing.

Any suggestions?

Hello @john2,

The simplest way to deploy Algolia is first to create an index and then use instantsearch to deploy the first bricks of your search elements…

Bear in mind that it’s probable that a procedure will have a different data structure than a glossary or an FAQ so first thought is that it’ll require multiple indices.

you could also check DocSearch that implement Algolia’s power into documentation for free :

If none of those links helps you, may be you could dig a bit more into the code you’ve wrote so far so the community can identify some more specifics issues.

Cheers :wink:

Most of the documentation is in Google Docs, but this is amazing.

I’ll start with this and then let you know.

Thank you so much!