Questions regarding the Angular InstantSearch

newbie question: how can i implement the ng-ais-search-box and the ng-ais-infinite-hits widgets so the results will only be shown when the user type something in the search box?

also is it possible to place the search box in one component like navigation and that the results will be placed in another component of my angular app?

Hi @htl

I am currently working on an autocomplete widget and guide to allow you this feature, it should be ready in the next 15 days.

For now, you can just hide the ng-ais-infinite-hits until you have a query.

For the search box in one component, yes this is doable, you just need to add the <ng-ais-instantsearch> directive at the very top of your application.

Please tell me if you need any code example :slight_smile:

Cheers, Maxime

first of all thanks for your reply.

Yes I’ll be glad to have an code example of it including how to hide the results before the user entered a search term.

hi, will the autocomplete component you are working on will include the Query Suggestions?
if not do you have any example of how to implement it in Angular?

looking forward to your reply.


Hi Maxime,

Any updates regarding your autocomplete widget?

Looking forward to your earliest reply,

Thank You,

Hi @htl

We are almost there for the autocomplete, it would be released in the week.
Most of the logic would have to be built by the user himself but you will have capabilities to display “query suggestions” yes.


hello again iam4x, any news regarding the autocomplete for angular?