Radius Search in Laravel

Hi. I try to build an geolocation search. I already had one with scout for laravel (with some modification found here Add location method to search builder by EdwardNelson · Pull Request #78 · laravel/scout · GitHub), but the results are limited and another big problem is, the results are not sorted. I want the sorting from near to large distance. … Now i found algolia/algoliasearch-laravel, but i cant find a tutorial how to build a geosearch in backend. Is it possible to do it with that package? Thx Norman.

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I don’t think our integration package will help you with that.

The results from Algolia should already be sorted by distance, from the closest to the furthest. Have you experienced problem with that? What did you mean results are limited?

I think the location pull request was great, I’ll see if I can make a scout extension to add this.