Range Slider Breaks

The range slider on my project breaks all other sliders once I use the Like slider.

The limit is also set to 999 and won’t designate the actual range.


Hi @artin, it appears to be working for me. Did you figure it out?

Hi @cindy.cullen, the range slider doesn’t represent the correct range of the respective data.
They’re all maxed out at 999, I can’t figure out how to fix this problem.

Hi @artin, can you provide a code sample? Are you using the max prop?

Do these help? @cindy.cullen

@artin, I can’t see where some of the values are coming from. Would it be possible to put this in a codesandbox? We have a react instantsearch starter template here.

Do I post my entire project on there?


No need to share the entire project; only a minimal reproducible example using CodeSandbox would be great so that we can debug on our end.

Alright, I’ll replicate this right now.

The max limits are limited to 999 for some reason. Not sure how to get the actual figures.