Range Slider Filter type values from Tags - Shopify

Hi there,

We are searching for product filter/facet app that are capable to use Range Slider filter type.
There’s a lot of product filter app available but the Range Slider filter type supports only for prices.

Is it possible to use Range Slider Filter type values from Tags


As you can read in this section of the documentation, facet attributes can come from 4 sources:

  • Default attributes
  • Variant options
  • Named tags
  • Metafields

Default attributes are the only ones for which we’ve restricted the available facet types.
You can’t indeed use slider for brand, product type and tags, as those are text, and are hence not viable for the slider type.

The other ones can however all be set with the slider type.

Since you mentionned building a slider from tags, you can use numeric named tags (for my example, I’ll assume that you want to facet on clothes sizes):
If you currently have tags: shirt, 32
You can change them to: shirt, size:number:32

You’ll need to enable named tags in the Indexing tab. This will trigger a complete reindexing for your products, for which you can track the progress at the bottom of the Indexing tab.
At the end of the reindex, you should then have size available in the Facets section of the Search Options tab, and be able to configure it as a slider.