rangeSlider is not returning the actual min/max of the attributes

I have a range slider on an attribute of UNIX timestamps, and when I view the min and max tooltips, the max tooltips show up as 2013 instead of 2017.

My data contains entries ranging from 2011 to 2017, and I have accounted for seconds/millisecond conversion as well.

When I look at the range slider, the max year i get is 2013, but the first result clearly shows a post with a 2017 timestamp.

The slider also filters the posts properly. The only issue is the tooltip that is not displaying correctly.

I’m still investigating, but I’d like to know if this issue is one of my end our yours.

Thank you

Hi @jontan,

Which InstantSearch flavour are you using? Maybe you can provide a code sample using jsfiddle for instance to show us your issue. It’ll really help us debug it :slight_smile: