RangeSlider with an extra option

I’m using the instantsearch rangeSlider widget https://community.algolia.com/instantsearch.js/v2/widgets/rangeSlider.html to filter events between a start and end date. The min and max values are timestamps and this all works ok. But some events don’t have a start or end date/timestamp because there are open all year. These events always has to be in the result set, but I can’t get this to work. Someone have a idea how I can do this?

Hey there!

Since this is a complicated usecase, and we should experiment with it. What I suggest is something like this.

  1. Copy the current connectRangeSlider
  2. Add disjunctive refinements in that connector for when “date” is the value for always-running
  3. Add an option to enable and configure that from the connector
  4. Copy the widget and implement that option

I will have a try at this too, later, but don’t hesitate to send us until where you got

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