RangeSlider with Geo Search


I need to make a RangeSlider, but based on distance records. That is, you get my real location, and a slider range I can move 1km, 2km, 3km, 10, 20 …

Am I clear?
I have already configured my application to work with Geo Search, what I need is to know if you can, and how to do it to implement a range slider based on this!

In simple words, I need to do the image:



Hi @anyeli.huertas,

The distance can be set using the aroundRadius search parameter. You will have to create a specific slider for that. Which library are you using to implement Algolia?


Hi @Bobylito

Ok, I use InstantSearch.
I have no idea how to implement a specific Slider.

I appreciate any help you can give me

I can only help you so far here. What you could do is use a prepackaged jQuery and integrate in a custom widget. In your custom component you will have to update the aroundRadius parameter.

Hope it helps you.

Are here currently some pre-build widgets solutions for such a range slider?
I am currently searching for the exact same functionality.