Rank documents with more query matches higher

Hi folks,

Let’s say I have 2 documents:

    "job_category": "Selling",
    "matching_job_titles": [
      "Sales Associate",
      "Sales Assistant",
      "Internal Sales Executive",
      "Sales Negotiator"
    "job_category": "Finance",
    "matching_job_titles": [
      "Fraud Analyst",
      "Quantitative Research Analyst",
      "Financial Sales Executive"

When the user searches for “sales”, we search against the matching_job_titles attribute.
Because both “Selling” and “Finance” have at least a title that matches the query, they are both ranked equal.
However, the “Selling” document has more matching_job_titles containing “Sales”. I would like that document to be ranked higher (as a tie-breaker), based on the number of occurrences of the words in the search query (4 occurrences for “Selling” vs 1 occurrence for “Finance”).

How do I do that in Algolia?