Rank exact matches higher than partial/fuzzy

Hi, I search my index for “apple” and I get following results returned first:

  • rappler
  • appeals
  • apply
  • appeared
  • … [other partial matches]

and only then, as 21st result “apple” is returned.

How can I force exact matches to always show first?


Hello @tmr,
There is a dedicated documentation page about adjusting the exact criterion.
I hope this solves your issue.

hi @mouaad

No, it doesn’t. Considering how much Algolia service costs, I expect to receive a much better assistance than a link to a documentation page I can see myself.

Is there someone to work with me to have this issue sorted out? This is a serious problem for us.

Can we schedule a phone call or start a direct email conversation?


Hi @tmr,

My name is Kevin and I am an engineer on the Algolia Support Team. I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that we’re working on this request.

For future reference, any questions/concerns with regards to your application can be sent to us at support@algolia.com. This will generate a request in our ticketing system and enable an assigned support engineer to address your query directly.

These discourse/community forums are more informal and conversational, and are addressed by Algolia engineers as we are able. Your plan level entitles you to official support, as you mentioned, and the e-mail provided above would be the best way to engage us on that front.

A ticket has been created for this request, so please look out for an e-mail response from me coming as soon as possible!