Rank exact phrase above extra words (ie: multiple word exact match)

Hello, for example I do a search for “macbook air”, the results in order are:

1- Macbook Air power adapter
2- Macbook Air sleeve
3- Macbook Air usb hub
20- Macbook Air

All results are tied for ‘matching words’, ‘proximity distance’ and ‘exact words count’, but obviously #20 is the most relevant result. Is there a way to rank exact phrases higher? Or possibly (in a tie-breaker) to de-rank titles based on how many words they have that don’t match the search query (so that for example ‘Macbook Air power adapter’ (2 unmatched words) would rank lower than ‘Macbook Air case’ (1 unmatched word).

If no other options I would even settle for a simple count of words in ascending order as a final tie breaker/sort.

edit: also is alphabetical sorting an option?