Ranking by date stopped working out of nowhere?

Hi there,

I have a website that is using algolia to list product indices and every day I add some new products to it which I have set up so that the newest indexed products are the first to be listed using the custom ranking. However, after yesterday (April 1st) whenever I create a new product it is not being listed as the newest result anymore, everything prior to april is still ordered by newest date first, and the new product has definitely been indexed by algolia as it shows up along with it’s date if I search for it.

I am totally stumped as to why this has happened as I have not changed any code, and have tried reverting back to previous code and it’s still not working.

My only guess would be that there is some sort of limitation on how many indices you can use custom ranking on with the free community plan, but I have not found any information that seems to suggest this so if someone could tell me if there is some sort of limitation that would be great as I do have approximately 2000 indices now so that is my only guess as to what else it could be.


This turned out to be an issue with me not using a UNIX timestamp convention, and was instead using a the php datetime method to generate a string which Algolia was not correctly sorting. So it was my mistake.