Ranking rules reset on index

Hi Ray - when we reindex our site the ranking rules and setting reset. Will there be a way to keep the settings when we re-index?

Thanks !

Hi Charlie,

Indeed no changes should be done directly in the Algolia Dashboard because you would loose the changes on each re-index.

More information about indexing can be found in the documentation here: Indices Settings

You should use the settings hooks like showcased in the documentation to customize the ranking and the other index settings.

I hope that helps!

UNderstood - I will give that a try thanks!

Can you please direct me to which plug in and the area that I should be looking in?

Ray - in the plugin - what file do I edit? Thanks

do we put the code in our custom settings plugin?

Ray - sorry to be a pain but we need some guidance on this - we have read the setting but not sure how to do this - can we do a screen share?

Ray this is a big issue as my rankings are resetting every day - I need help on this - where is this code controlled?

Hi Ray - - Sandy mentioned when you have time you would be able to help me on this one - any update?

Hi Ray this is becoming a big issue for us as it is constantly resetting my rules. When will a fix be available?

+1 My client mentioned that to me this weekend. We re-indexed everything and he lost all the synonyms and rules that were setup. If not having an option to keep the settings when re-indexing, can we at least export / import? Having a checkbox to not reset these would be ideal :slight_smile:



The current re-indexing strategy we use makes it hard to keep the synonyms.
This has triggered some more work internally so that tomorrow we can easily handle all the use cases.

As for now, there is unfortunately not solution apart from avoid re-indexing.

You could as an alternative create a script with the PHP API Client that saves the index settings and the synonyms and re-pushes them when needed.

Thanks, I will look into this. Maybe a simple export / import option would do the job? :slight_smile: