Rate Limit for indexing operations

Where can I find the rate limit information for indexing operation? We’re using Azure functions to scale the indexing operations. When it scales up to N number of functions, let’s say 10 functions for example, for higher workload, it starts throwing “host unreachable” error for Algolia. What’s they way out here? Any specific guideline for scalable indexing operations without hitting any limit.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello @sunny.sharma1,

Algolia do have rate limiting in place to prevent abusive use of our services. However, the error you sent is only about network, which means that your requests did not even reach the Algolia servers.

Could you tell us:

  • If with lower workloads, your indexing operations are passing?
  • Which Algolia API client or integration you are using? At which version?
  • What is your current workload when this error is thrown? How many records are you trying to send?
  • Since you’re using Azure functions, could you check your Azure dashboard to make sure you are not triggering any rate limiting there? It often happens that cloud services do have soft quotas to prevent would from being billed too much, so Azure could have put this in place to prevent you from throwing too many expensive requests at once.

Best regards,