Re: Clicking Add to Cart on Instant Search Page -Redirects to Homepage

Hi @rayrutjes,

On the Instant Search page, when I click on “add to cart” on any product, it then adds it to cart, however it also then reloads the homepage of my website.

Is there any way to make it so that when you click “add to cart” it still stays on the same Instant Search page in case you want to add more items to the cart without having to search again?


Thanks for asking,

Actually we are unsure how far we should go with that.

The problem is, every theme being different, we don’t wanna be too pushy there.

To be transparent, this is not on our roadmap for now.

I suppose this could be implemented in combination with another plugin.

If someone happens to implement the feature, I’d gladly document it.


No problems at all.