Re-Index Queue Automatic

Algolia Search Queue Runner…Only this index is working on cron not other indexes…

We have done exactly, what the documentation had…but still the required index doesn’t working…


I’m now sure I get your issue. Do you have any products / data indexed in Algolia?

Do you have indexing queue enabled? Do you have some records in algoliasearch_queue table? Do you have set the cron for Algolia Search Queue Runner indexer?

Good to see your msg…!! We do have everything which you have mentioned above…but we do not found any records in algoliasearch_queue table.

You need to first reindex other indexers to generate rows there. Feel free to hit Reindex button next to Algolia Search Products / Categories / Pages.
That will generate indexing jobs and queue runner will process it so you’ll get your data indexed to Algolia.