Re: Instant Search on Woo Commerce Shop Page

Hi @rayrutjes,

How do I have the instant search page on our Shop page? Currently on our shop page I cant see it. -

What do I need to do?

@thomas you are not the first to ask, and quite honestly we don’t have the perfect solution yet for this.
It is for sure something that we want to address at some point, but I am not able to provide an ETA for now.

The main idea we have is allowing you to add a shortcode to your page to inject the search. What do you think about that solution?

Hi @rayrutjes

Thank you for your response.

The shortcode sounds like a good idea, more than happy with that.

Shortcode sounds amazing. What I used for now is adding a sidebar with the WooCommerce Search widget. My theme also allows us to add widgets in the content, so I added the WooCommerce widget on pages I need to have the search on. It uses the Algolia engine, but the look is not the same as the search bar on the search results page.