React Instant Search Autocomplete by Facet Name or Keyword not products

Hello :wave:

Autosuggest shows individual products and we want to show popular searches or matching facet names.

Our current implementation auto suggests a list of individual products instead of what we know to be high volume keyword based searches.

Is it possible to have autocomplete suggest matching facets or pre-defined list of “top searches” that match what the user is entering to the search bar?

For example if the user searches for ‘used’ we want to have autosuggest show ‘used motorcycles, used atvs, used jet skis, etc’.

We have facets set up for both condition (used) and vehicle type so it seems like we should be able to populate autosuggest based on matching facets.

Any help greatly appreciated! :grinning:

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Hello @james.scaggs,

The feature you are looking for is Algolia Query Suggestions. Keep in mind this is an Enterprise only feature as of today.

However, if you simply want to retrieve specific facets, and you seem to have already configured them properly, you can perform an intermediate call using searchForFacetValues in order to search through all existing facets and check if some of them already match the user query.

Ok thanks @anthony.seure, I will give this a shot and let you know how it goes.