React Instant-Search _geoloc or zip code search

Hey - I was wondering if there’s a simple way to search by zip code or _geoloc. I have both facets in my index but i don’t see a straightforward solution to accomplish this in React. Am I missing something or do I need to make a separate call to the JS API? This seems like an extremely common use case so I’d think it would be baked into the react widgets.

To expand on what I’m looking to do, I need a searchbox that can search by zip with a slider for a user to determine the radius they want to search within that zip. Thanks in advance!

Hey, have you seen this React demo?

It works well with both geoloc and zip codes (try 75008 or 75004).
The source is available here:

Is there any magic here allowing for the filtering by zip or geoloc? It looks like it’s just a SearchBox widget in the Header component, and I have the same setup currently but don’t get any results when searching by zip. Zip is a searchable facet but it doesn’t even take it into consideration. What am I missing?

I have both zip and geoloc as searchable facets - but it still doesn’t include them in search results…