React Instant Search New 400 Error

Hello we were wondering if there were any recent changes to the error handling for the Algolia Api.

We are using react-instantsearch 6.7.0 and previous to Jan 5th we had not experienced this (screenshot) 400 error. We were thinking that possibly a change was made on the api end because this we had not changed anything before we experienced this error previously.


Thanks for the report.

In order to best help us troubleshoot this issue, would it be possible for you to provide us with the query that triggers this error? I believe the relevant bits are just the filters as they are sent to the API, but if you can include all the parameters, it could help us identify the root cause more quickly.

Don’t hesitate to provide as much details as possible, and if possible a website and reproduction steps to follow.


Thank you for following up.

Yes we had this query with an erroneous “NaN000” being sent and since have resolved this on our end. But previous to Jan 5th we had not changed anything on our end, so we were wondering if possibly anything has changed on your end with this error handling.


Hello, Any update?