React instantsearch & algolia places integration

Hello there,

Is there a way to integrate algolia places with react instantsearch?

When we use search for a location using algolia places input, the search result hits update accordingly but we also need to register the location query as a “filter” so we can remove the value when clicking clear all filters. You can see in the screenshot below the clear all filters isn’t clickable since algolia places is a separate lib from react instantsearch but the search result hits are updated with the correct location.

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Is there a way to integrate these two libraries to accomplish the example mentioned above out of the box or by using connectors?

The steps for making a widget are as follows:

  1. make or use a connector
  2. augment your widget with it and talk to the connector

In the storybook for React InstantSearch, we wrote that component:

for usage, and the code for that is here.

Does that answer your question?