React instantsearch excludes

Is there currently any mechanism to exclude in the React instantsearch package? I came across this post which seems to be along the same line of what I’m looking to do:

But it doesn’t look like there is anyway to do this in the constraints of React-instantsearch?


In doing more digging I found this post which in it describes adding filters to the Configure component which I can then apply a NOT filter to get an exclusion. But this leads me to another question, according to this you can not do NOT(x OR Y). So is ther any possible way to configure the filter to get multiple NOTs in a single filter?


Sorry to keep posting on this but I actually solved my problem and I wanted to post the solution incase anyone else ran into this. Since configure just takes in props and passes them through to the searchParameters. I went back to the initial article I posted and then implemented their faceting solution and that solved my problem:

          objectID: [...objectIDs to filter],

@alex6 thanks for posting to discourse and helping the community with your answer!

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