React InstantSearch - Filters


I am trying to apply filters on my query using Configure component like this


I also added attribute for faceting inside Algolia dashboard configuration.

This works inside Algolia dashboard when I apply custom query parameter

But when I try to use it inside react app it returns 0 results and if I compare query params sent from Algolia dashboard when performing search and from react app they send the same filters:

React app params:

"results": [
      "hits": [],
      "nbHits": 0,
      "page": 0,
      "nbPages": 0,
      "hitsPerPage": 100,
      "exhaustiveNbHits": true,
      "query": "qee",
      "params": "highlightPreTag=%3Cais-highlight-0000000000%3E&highlightPostTag=%3C%2Fais-highlight-0000000000%3E&hitsPerPage=100&filters=node_locale%3Aen-US&query=qee&facets=%5B%5D&tagFilters=",
      "index": "prod_Guidewire_Website",
      "processingTimeMS": 1

and params from Algolia dashboard:

"results": [
      "hits": ['here we have hits']
      "nbHits": 2,
      "page": 0,
      "nbPages": 1,
      "hitsPerPage": 10,
      "facets": {},
      "exhaustiveFacetsCount": true,
      "exhaustiveNbHits": true,
      "query": "qeee",
      "params": "highlightPreTag=%3Cais-highlight-0000000000%3E&highlightPostTag=%3C%2Fais-highlight-0000000000%3E&getRankingInfo=true&analytics=false&enableABTest=false&hitsPerPage=10&attributesToRetrieve=*&attributesToSnippet=*%3A20&snippetEllipsisText=%E2%80%A6&responseFields=*&filters=node_locale%3Aen-US&query=qeee&page=0&facets=%5B%22*%22%5D&tagFilters=",
      "index": "prod_Guidewire_Website",
      "serverUsed": "",
      "indexUsed": "prod_Guidewire_Website",
      "parsedQuery": "qeee",
      "timeoutCounts": false,
      "timeoutHits": false,
      "processingTimeMS": 1

Why don`t I get any hits in react app ?

Thanks !

Hi @mzbiljic, welcome to the forum! That’s very strange that the same set of filters works differently in the dashboard vs. in your React app. I did notice that the parsedQuery in one is “qeee” and in the other is just “qee”, but not sure if that’s making the difference.

In order to take a closer look, could you please send a message to with a link to this post, your appId, and also grant us Algolia support access?

We look forward to hearing from you there!

Thank you for your quick response.