React-instantsearch operations & billing

When users use the react-instantsearch components in my app, am I consume billable operations quota?

The docs for react-instantsearch read:

Everytime you press a key in InstantSearch using the SearchBox, we count one operation. Then given the widgets you will be adding to your search interface, you will have more operations being counted at each keystroke.

For example, if you have a search made out of a SearchBox, a Menu and a RefinementList then every keystroke will trigger two operations.

Then if a user refines one of the Menu or RefinementList, it will trigger a third operation at each keystroke.

A good rule to keep in mind is that most search interfaces using InstantSearch will trigger two operations per keystroke. Then every refined widget (clicked widget) will add one more operation to the total count.

However the billing FAQ reads:

They [search operations] are not part of any quota and will not be charged in any way. That being said they are limited by the maximum QPS (the allowed number of queries performed per second) of the plan.

Hi @brandon1,

Thanks for spotting this, we definitely need to update the React InstantSearch doc!

Indeed since our new pricing, search queries are now unlimited (with a QPS limit). If you’re using a new plan, React InstantSearch search queries will not be counted as operations.


Have you gone back on this? The documentation seems to state that search queries do count against your operations quota.