React InstantSearch + Places - refine results by location

I have a list of jobs that have geolocation tags. I don’t want to show them on a map, but do want my users to be able to search for jobs by location.

I’ve tried to use Algolia Places and have built a searchbox, but I’m using react instantsearcg to display results etc., so not sure where to pass the places output to.

I can’t find any examples with react instantsearch other than GeoLocation, but I don’t want a google map, I just want my user to be able to type a location and for the results shown to only be around that location.

Hi @LMB!

Have you tried that part of our documentation? It will explain you how to wrap Algolia Places and React InstantSearch together.

Let me know if it helps and if you have any more question!

Hi Chloe,

I have, and it doesn’t show how to build something that isn’t a geomap as far as I could see. I essentially want to pass lat/long into my configure I think… Getting lat/long from places, but haven’t found a good way to do this.


There’s this example on how to set the latlng from places as React InstantSearch refinements for aroundLatLng: