React InstantSearch(React Native) connectedSearchBox and connectedInfiniteHits not working

I am using React Native on a mobile project, and using Algolia for the search. The problem is, I need to have <ConnectedSearchBox/> and <ConnectedInfiniteHits/> in different parts of my screen. The search should be in header of navigation, and the connected hits on the screen itself. However, when they are separated, they seems like they don’t work. They both need to be in the SAME <InstantSearch> component to work. Any solution to this?

Is there a solution to this? I also would like to have my Searchbox in the header, and InfiniteHits on the screen. Wrapping the entire navigation doesn’t work, so I was wondering if wrapping both widgets with InstantSearch individually should / could work? It doesn’t for me.

I wrapped the whole Stack Screens in which that View is located in the InstantSearch, and it worked perfectly fine for me. @wick.felippe
Also, never wrap twice with InstantSearch. If nothing works, just Wrap the whole App.js/ts with InstantSearch.