React InstantSearch v4.1.0 is out ๐ŸŽ‰

Hi everyone,

Iโ€™m happy to announce that the v4.1.0 of React IntantSearch is out after few weeks in beta. :tada: :champagne:

Here is the list of what youโ€™ll find in this new version:

Server-Side Rendering

You can now build Server-side rendered app using React InstantSearch with our new API set.

See this thread for more information: Server-side rendered React apps using React InstantSearch ๐ŸŽ‰

Big thanks to @harshmaur and @david1 for the beta test, it really helped us fixing important bug!

Breadcrumb : a new widget

A new widget join the React InstantSearch family: the Breadcrumb.


If you need to display easily the current user location, you are now covered. You can use it either completely alone or with the Hierarchical Menu displayed.

A connector is also available!

Read more about it here:

Special thanks to @marie-laure.sin for her first major contribution to React InstantSearch!

Important bug fixes


The scroll is now triggered only if the change came from the observed widget.


The offset prop behaviour was fixed


The error field is now reset if the following queries are in success.



Accessibility improvement with the addition of a label on the Algolia logo



All Listโ€™s count are now properly formatted


How can you help?

If youโ€™re using this new version and have any feedbacks for us, please give it on discourse or GitHub :slight_smile:

Happy coding!