React InstantSearch v6 Pagination Widget

Hello, I have a request to implement pagination for a client inside of a Gatsby(2.18.7) project.

In regards to dependencies, I’m currently using react-instant-search-dom, @reach/router, with Prismic as an headless cms.

After looking through the documentation, the objective and solution should be pretty clear, but upon implementing the component, it doesn’t seem to work out of the box.

It’s able to fetch the correct amount of pages and correctly update the console when a page number is clicked.

It doesn’t retrieve or display the correct search results though. Basically, when a page number is clicked nothing happens.

After trying to implement the default component, I thought I would customize the component as per the documentation. Still, nothing seems to be working in regards to displaying the actual pagination hits.

Please feel free to DM or respond to this thread as I will be checking here frequently, If a zoom is needed I can set something up, just let me know.


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I also need for someone help

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Bump, Here is some code for context.


When I console log refine(page) the value is undefined. I haven’t been able to find anything that works.

If anyone has 30 minutes to zoom, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m also using algoliasearch/lite. Not sure if this makes a difference or not.