React Native Instant search locations - Filter by distance from user


Hi there, I have implemented a search for React Native of many different locations. I am now trying to implement a way to filter by distance using a slider. The slider is moved to increase the maximum searching distance. My current implementation is to separately have a slider in React Native that periodically updates a component.

My question is, is there a specific proper way to do this with connectors? I have seen the RangeSlider that I am interested in however as far as I can tell there is no way to interact with results. As the distance to any place is dependant on the search parameters (the user location) and reflected in the “_rankingInfo” there is no attribute I can refine in this way.

Any info would be greatly appriciated :slight_smile:


Hi there, if you want to update a search parameter like or any other geo search parameters (, you could use the Configure widget to dynamically update such a search parameter using any UI you want (such as a custom slider of yours).

Our own slider will only able to refine on attributes from the hits, not update global search parameters themselves.

Hope this answers your question.


Hi there, thanks for your response. This is the exact implementation I have done :joy:

I was just wondering if there was a connector for this, but I guess not. Would be really nice to see this kinda thing implemented as a connector.