React Native Instantsearch: Facets update searchstate correctly, but no change in results (hits)

So, I am trying to build a simple facets filtering feature for an e-commerce mock. I have got sort functionality working. In my filter-modal, searchState of InstantSearch is being updated correctly as far as I could tell, but algolia returns all the records, that is, refinementList is not taken into account.

I have invested way too much time into this stupid thing to make any sense of it now. Here, I am providing both the reproductions. I hope you could just use these to point me to a fix.
Code Reproduction:
Expo demo (run without code):

If these are not enough, do let me know, help is much needed and appreciated, thank you!

Admin could delete this post. Solved it.

Hi, facing the same issue with you. Could you kindly share with me how you managed to solve it? Thanks!

Best regards Ray

Fixed as well, my error was forgetting to give the outer InstaSearch the same searchstate.