React Native with Hierarchical Menu Modal problem

Hello! I faced with a issue in Algolia Version 6 following this documentation:

In documentation explain the steps to avoid miss the state after will close the modal, but didń work for me. If I put the instant search in modal, but the refine dont work and if I remove the instant search in the filter work but when I close the modal the state was vanished.

Can I help me please?

Hi Nick,

Would you be able to upload your code to GitHub so we can take a look and see what the issue is?

Hi Michael, I found the solution with a fake Modal, if I use a component Modal native from react Native, after closes the Modal the search state is reseted, I follow the same code of documentation syncronizing the search state per props. My solution is made View with display: none, when I press a button the display change to flex simulating a modal but not reseting the seach state because the component do not was unmounting.